All I hear is one bird chirp in the wild

This quiet place I cherish like a new toy as a child

I hear cars in the distance

With a soft whistle of the wind

My pure level of comfort I hope will never descend

A plane passes over me

Many miles ahead

Woods lie to the right of me

As pieces come together in my head

Some people are full of fear in silence

But I think it is when I’m at my best

I’m able to slow my heart rate down

While slowly putting my inner demons to rest

There’s something about a chill up your spine

When you hear a wrestle in the leaves

Only to see a chipmunk pop out

Paranoia has now been put at ease

The sky is darker now

As the sun has surely set

Stars will soon begin to glimmer

With nothing but endless possibilities instilled inside my head

I’d like to always remain this way

As I am when I’m in silence

To always look at an endless universe

Rather than the jagged rocks I see beside me

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