We Owe it to Ourselves

I remember when I was five

Playing tee ball for the first time

That was 25 years ago

As a kid I never saw any divide

Parents laughed in the stands

Sharing stories from their week

My friends smiling with orange wedges

I think that might have been the peak

I was always told if we take two steps back

We’ll catch up with a fury

To trust the good in people I meet

Never judge without knowing someone’s story

I’ve done my best to hold true to that

As I have grown each year

Well it’s getting difficult to hold my head up

It seems we all just live in fear

No one agrees on anything anymore

Still that’s really not my beef

You’ve got people instagramming baby reveals

While 30 miles away there’s people dying in the street

I’m not in any way say I’ve greatly struggled

But I’ve sure as hell been knocked off my feet

No one seems to have the decency to hold a damn door

The common courtesy we all swear we keep

I feel every good deed is documented

From the other side of a lens

That if someone donates to Salvation Army at Christmas

It’s getting uploaded as soon as the video ends

When I was younger I felt like people were good to be good

There was no selfish bonus to attach

I’m not saying technology or social media has ruined us

Just that it’s caused our selflessness to temporarily crash

We owe it to ourselves to at least try and be a little better

If we don’t change how we treat each other it’ll be more nasty weather

When we learn to truly adjust our biases

Also actually keep an open mind

I feel the result will be eye opening

I can promise you we will heal in time

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