Embrace Your Reality

No one sets bounds but you

No one chooses your direction but you

You may choose to follow

You may choose to lead

Everyone is always looking for the answer to what is life or where am I going or what am I searching for

The thing is *spoiler alert*

You’re the key.

You’re the key to your own happiness, as overused as that phrase is.

If you really think about it though, it’s the truth.

Each day, even each minute you can face something that may seem small at the time but is actually of greater impact on yourself in the future.

Sure you will make mistakes but everybody does.

That’s beautiful and scary and really has no explanation.

Everyone has some good in them.

Sometimes you have to shake it out.

We are all flawed

We are all wounded

We are all healing

We are all loved

We are all human.

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