Complexity of Love

When I hear the word love

I envision those around me

An unspoken bond that’s deeply rooted

Due to the pleasure of their company

I think of the never ending hours I sat

Before my niece was born

When I first lay eyes on her

My spirit began to soar

Love is not something you just obtain

It’s slowly woven into your soul

A puzzle put together through out your lifetime

That ignites you so you’re never cold

People spend countless hours working

Just to make ends meet

Even a simple thank you

Can have you flustered in your seat

When love is removed from our life

With only hate and greed to remain

Everyone just gathers with the masses

As our morality begins to drain

The thing about love

Is that it truly overpowers hate

Others who fight for what is just

Help to unlock a more promising fate

We’re more powerful when we work as one

Which brings me back to what I’ve been trying to say

We can’t keep saying we’re going to work on being better tomorrow

When love can help us do that today.

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