Moments pass with broken glass

And time quickly comes to a stop

My body tenses and I begin to panic

As I can’t reach my final thought

With puppets dancing in the doorway

My mind on a slippery slope

With nothing to save it but a flick of the switch

That is invisible leaving little hope

I scurry amongst endless wires

Hoping they will lead the way

Unfortunately all of them are tangled

Causing me great dismay

I don’t remember so many colors

Sparkling ever so bright

I can’t fathom trying to conquer this

Residing in darkness without even the faintest light

A hear a noise in the distance

So I begin to proceed with caution

It’s a pleasant melody repeating

I must move forward there’s no other option

I close my eyes the song draws near

With every blind step I have the urge to scream

Luckily I open my eyes to my rigid ceiling

It had all just been another dream

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