Expiration Date

I wonder why with no reply

As I stumble through the masses

A call for change is in effect

Though there’s less adjustment and more caskets

When did we actually lose our way

If we even ever possessed it

Seems even if there’s a stride forward

Our progress is still going backward

Minds are cluttered by things out of their control

Yet we blindly swing for the fences

We root for the underdog and when they succeed

Their ego consumes and forgets us

We’re stuck in a conundrum no scientist can cure

Doing all the wrong things aside from sealing our fate

We convince ourselves we’re saving our world

In truth we are speeding it’s expiration date

Until we set aside our differences

Finally try to grow as one

I’ve found the masses battling for a common purpose

Can easily win without using a single gun

Maybe in time we’ll realize we can make this dream more into a reality

Driving towards a similar goal can quickly diminish any fallacy

With great risk comes great reward

A phrase used for quite some time

I am sure I’d rather be with my loved ones

Than standing on the front line.

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