When words go unspoken

With arms no longer wide open

A relationship fizzles to an end

The flowers soon suffer

With the leaves growing tougher

As time disappears through the sand

The numbers quickly decrease

Every option to cease

This did not go according to plan

We told them we’d fight

That we’d march towards the light

Sadly we all sold our souls instead

The world continues to shake

Our promises we did break

To try to put this all to an end

Our deal with the devil

To purify a world he had already broken

Could never be an honest mend

We’re able to see our world in 20/20 vision

Still doesn’t seem to be enough

Refusing to listen to anyone aside from who’s in the mirror

Disaster on the cusp

Morals are shattered

Friends are quickly lost

Enemies replace them

This battle’s already been lost.

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