America’s Hometown

Today I got home from work

TV was on with the news

Breaking news of another mass shooting

Lighting another heartbreaking fuse

Then I got ice cream with a friend

With the death toll fresh in my mind

Trying to enjoy a day meant for our country

Instead obsessing over the uncertainty of when it’ll be my time

A man gave us a pack of glow sticks

It brought me back to when I was a boy

When all I had to worry about was choosing my favorite candy

Nothing able to ruin my joy

We drove down to the hometown of America

To see the fireworks ignite

All of the darkness that had been clouding my day

Was being defeating by this symphony of light

I took in the sky lighting up

Hearing cheers in the distance

Reminding me of the one day

This country puts aside their differences

We are far from perfect

Though I know I can say

When it comes to coming together

I’m blessed to be from the U.S. of A

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