My Idea of America

When you mention my country

No president comes to mind

I think of the struggle

Along with the hardship that we find

Just because we find it

Doesn’t mean we don’t overcome

We can’t just purify our ways

Trying to put together every broken crumb

There is so much beauty among us

Be careful because they’ll only show the hate

Trust me the devil plays his part

Denying that would only be a mistake

Our lives online scream for acknowledgement

We allow judgement to plague our mind

We lose our values to whoever’s relevant

Our own beliefs no longer one of a kind

If we all could just push pause

Re examine where we’re at

Pick our phones up to instead call a loved one

Not shame the first post we see in an app

We as a country may need to move in slow motion

Just so when we catch up to regular speed

Our values will continue moving forward

So one’s bias won’t be sculpted by our daily newsfeed.

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