I lay awake

Cold in a place I once felt warm

Voices entangled inside my head

Refusing to allow me to go home

This emptiness inside me

I’ve been told is normal to feel

Hearing this is unsettling

Due to beliefs the word normal is not real

My headaches come and go

Which is weird because my mind is blank

This numbness inside of me is constant

The chills I don’t think want me to wake

My fear is that due to my loss

These feelings will always remain

That my smile will be less bright

Sunny days always cloudy with rain

He wouldn’t have wanted this though

For my days to turn so bleak

I can forever see him smiling

So I know after this week

I will pick myself up

Triumphantly so I may add

I’ll reconstruct my attitude

As I know I shouldn’t remain sad

I’ll march forward with confidence

With his laugh always fresh in my brain

I’ll make the best of all I am blessed with

For I refuse to drown in the pain

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