There’s Always the Next Round

Helplessly entangled

I lift my head to take a deep breath

More negativity unknowingly flowing into my chest

Why do I bargain

Why I do I kneel

Why can’t I fix these emotions I feel

Stranded at a bus stop

My ride just never comes

Exciting for apple picking

Though all I can pick are plums

An unforgiving speedway

No signs for an exit

You’re pushing yourself to keep going

Even though you want to quit

You have a high opinion

At least you think you do

Though once you’re in a debate

It’s just easier to lose

When your brakes don’t work

Still the rear view haunts you behind

You’ve stumbled quite far

Growing quickly tired from the climb

No end is near

No solution in sight

Smartest decision here

Is to accept you lost round 1 of the fight.

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