Everyone just stop

Just breath for a second

Elaborate the inevitable

Then calculate the madness

With one less of these

Or two more of those

These battles will remain

Facing the hardship we have chose

We hide our emotions

Sucked into a sealed shut bottle

Running our offense

Without even forming a huddle

We rush frantically to the front

Without looking at what’s behind

We worry too much about the in-between

Causing us to stand still in time

Our minds want to evolve

We think we need to find a way to go quicker

No one can admit to being the problem

Everyone has to be the fixer

No one wants to be blamed

Even if they are guilty

Everything so clean and tidy

Trying hard to avoid being filthy

Anxiety increases

Depression sinks in

A world moving in too many directions

Attempting to wash away every sin

Progress is progress

You could say that I guess

Unfortunately with inconsistent disapproval

We’ll continue to digress

I wish we could all just wake up

Feeling insecurities creep up our chest

Feeling them all float away

After we all take that first deep breath.

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