When I’m Gone

It’s kind of sad to lay here

Knowing one day I will die

That all these moments I cherish

Will float beside me towards the sky

That my worries from my past

Always greeted by my anxiety unforseen

Will permanently press pause

As my soul is thoroughly rinsed clean

I’ll miss the flowers in my yard

As well as the birds chirping to a tune

The smell of freshly cut grass

The simplicity of a helium filled balloon

I’ll miss the times I spend with loved ones

Walks at dusk along the beach

Always walking into the water

Even though I know it’ll freeze my feet

I’ll miss the little things I take for granted

Assuming it will always come again

Instances that just can’t be recreated

Aside from with paper and a pen

I’ll miss the way clouds make different shapes

How every summer night is painted different in the sky

The hysterical laughter of someone caught off guard

Laughing so hard they begin to cry

I’ll miss music that gives me shivers

Dialogue that makes me think

Movies that mean more than just Hollywood

Focusing so hard and doing your best not to blink

A hug you don’t want to let go of

A campfire crackling with embers gently floating out

The farewell to friends at the end of a night

Just some of the pastimes I’d think about

It’s easy to forget what we live for

That’s why I like to keep nostalgia in mind

Pushing an uncontrollable future far away

Focusing less on storms, and more on sunshine.

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