We fight for a better tomorrow

One that will make us proud

Some were born to lead

As others stand inside the crowd

Visions blindly warped together

Of what we see coming next

Stricken by others’ values

Letting enemies’ opinions place a hex

Our constant banter towards one another

Driven to prove the other wrong

Slowly drives us to hate for no reason

Thinking only our comrades belong

We lie to ourselves every morning

Saying everything will be alright

Though that’s how some of us were raised

Assured that as we were tucked in at night

I wouldn’t say I am a pessimist

More of an optimist in fact

Even though I harness the truth

A dream of a better tomorrow is still in tact

I can not force you to fight any fight

Or change your point of view

Though I can ask you to pay mind

To corruption that’s placed in front of you

Good can create evil

As much as that role can be reversed

Working civilly with each other

May be the only way to lift this curse.

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