Adjusted Hope

Anger and fear run through me

As the devil has struck again

Yet another friend has been taken

A loving soul coming to an abrupt end

Everything happens for a reason

People say with hollow hearts

I wish people could have cared back then

You know back when the problem starts

Everyone lives in fear of something

That isn’t even up for debate

Some people have a healthy outlet

While others’ escape leads to fate

It is sickening to see people look down on anyone that they pass in the street

A life you’ve been successful in

That you hope to keep

The people that struggle around you

Are usually the quieter ones

Even though you get a text that reads “I’m fine”

Deep down you know they’re picking up crumbs

If people could warm their hearts a little bit

Maybe these problems could decrease

The first thing we need wouldn’t be a first aid kit

We could all attempt to maintain a little more peace

This world needs to feel its hope replenished

Not see red painted amongst its streets

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