A star may shine from far beyond

That won’t stop us from gazing

Having uncertain faith and believing in a god

Never stopped anyway from praying

Rainy weather with storms on the way

People still drive and walk into work

Emotions crippling one’s mind

Still finding a path of courage through the hurt

Troubling world news dawning on us quite frequently

Though we all still gather and smile

Relationships tattered due to frustration

Still we reach out with our phones to dial

A man enters town with no name

Yet someone still offers him a drink

Deep oceans plagued by monstrous waves

Alas the ship moves forward and doesn’t sink

Caved in by walls with no exit

Your future begins to looks bleak

Then you find a way to climb out

Escaping when you reach the peak

Everyone faces adversity

So much so some begin to fall apart

It is truly amazing what is possible

When you don’t cave in at the start.

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